Recording my environment and emotions through visual art has always been a part of my life. The reward for completing a painting is the next new beginning, the white empty canvass with all its possibilities. I start the process with no expectations and celebrate the manifestations as they develop. Compositions are developed through playful manipulation of color and form. Figures compete to be recognized and to remain permanent. There is a story that is deeply personal yet also part of the collective conscience and I encourage the viewer to make it their own story. Exploring relations between humans, environment and spiritual bonds is the essence of focus and purpose of my art.
   I start with a blank canvas like anyone else. This is my favorite moment, as I stand before the silent void of unrealized potentials waiting to be brought forth. Laying paint in an abstract and muscular approach as form and color build, composition is recognized as figures emerge and take their place. I use models from which I gather information to convey realism while leaving windows into the abstract process that took place in the beginning. The fast drying and rapid build up of texture from acrylic paints make them an ideal medium for me.

     Born in Portland in 1972. I started painting large works at age 16 and shortly after, received a full scholarship in Painting and Printmaking from Cornish College of the Arts. I graduated in 1996. Upon graduation I had the pleasure of being a guest artist at the Lifetime Achievement award for Jacob Lawrence and participating in alumni exhibits. I worked in Digital Art from 1997-2001 before returning to traditional painting. I moved to New Orleans in 2002 to teach art in public schools and exhibit paintings in the French Quarter. Relocating to Seattle after hurricane Katrina, I continue to work large canvasses and exhibiting locally.

B.F.A., Painting and Printmaking
Kreilesheimer 4 Year Full-Scholarship
Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA


A.A.S., Audio and Video Design and Development.

Clover Park College, Lakewood, WA



A.A.S., Cabinetmaking

SCCC Wood Construction Center, Seattle, WA



A.A.S., Carpentry                    

SCCC Wood Construction Center   Seattle, WA